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Photographing the Invisible

Several long days of travel and shooting. But I couldn't have asked to work with a better team on this production. Working with a  strong team was freeing for me artistically. We went in with a loose vision and went with what felt right. That is not to say there wasn't a bit of pre-planning and multiple site surveys ahead of time. 

Art in the Water

In what seems like an unlikely partnership at first glance, we examine the relationship between a local sculptor and a water utility. What we learn is the partnership flowed together rather naturally. One of the last full shoots I  

School Social Justice Program

We were asked to document the changes made at a Denver high school to make education more equitable for all of its students -- because representation matters. We were respectful and authentic with our interviews, which was simple to do since the students and parents were respectful and honest with their concerns and answers.

School Promotional Video

An example of a promotional video created for a local elementary school. I was contacted at the last second, so we kept the formula simple -- show why the school is a great fit for the children. I have to admit, it was a fun day shooting. The students couldn't help but make you smile. Shot and edited within a week. 

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