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A project announcing an ambitious legal plan to address the impacts and the costs related to climate change. The videography was intentionally paced for the story-telling process.

Colorado Climate Accountability

This video is a good example of multi-purposing a project. This video was created for Boulder County government and serves as a employee recruitment tool to entice the right type of candidate to work for the county. It also serves as the first in a 3-part series that are shown to new employees during orientation.

Welcome to Boulder County

Campaign Video Sample

With the midterm elections closing, I was approached to create a campaign video to rally the vote by Progress Now. The video was one of two created as part of a larger social media strategy. The goal was to galvanize the segment of the populations least likely to vote during midterm elections.

Law Enforcement Recruitment Sample

Arvada Police contracted us to produce several police officer recruitment videos. This video exceeded their expectations and is a good example of connecting with the human element in a recruitment video. 

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