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Denver School of Innovation & Sustainable Design is a unique school. So it deserved a unique video production. Fast paced yet a comprehensive sample of how the school educates outside of the box.

School promotional video

Science Communication Example

​Shot in both Boulder, Colorado and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this video highlights how ground-breaking research by UCAR, became a tool that saves thousands of lives across the country every year at the National Water Center.

Documentary Example

Shot and edited in partnership with KUNC, this documentary is part of a series of stories looking at the changing job market and the needs of workers in Colorado. Shot over several days at University of Northern Colorado, it follows the college life of a first-generation college student.

Denver Water 100th Anniversary


Denver Water wanted to capture a gathering that brought generations of employees and families together. The picnic celebrated the utility's century of service. Shot in a run-n-gun fashion that stretched the expanse of Waterton Canyon outside of Denver, the video was also turned around in a timely fashion.

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