Bloopers Video


A fun video in a collection of outreach spots for Boulder Elections Division. An example of why it is sometimes good to just keep rolling the camera and add some irreverence. This is the second blooper video created for Boulder Elections, and both have been wildly popular.

STEAM Education

A comprehensive look at using science & art focused pathways for schooling. Englewood Schools is using a holistic approach to preparing students for the future job market.

Social Media Example

Boulder County Elections wanted something short and snappy to educate unaffiliated voters on how to vote in a primary election for the first time in Colorado. They say never work with children nor animals, but we had a blast producing this.

Climate Campaign Video

One of a series of four videos created for Conservation Colorado. The Colorado's Climate Future campaign was created to lobby state legislative action to make more climate-friendly policy. An emphasis was placed on using drone footage as a story-telling device.