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Commercial Promotional Video

While Phase One keeps expanding, it wanted to remind its customers where its roots still lie, in Bespoke photography. We filmed this over two days at their Broomfield office. Working with a client who had a clear vision for their end product made the editing process go smoothly.

Local Government Vision Video

Looking at what the future of what transportation will be, Boulder County is investing in moving people, not cars. This video explains what its vision is going forward and who will be involved.

Social Media Example

Boulder County Elections wanted something short and snappy to educate unaffiliated voters on how to vote in a primary election for the first time in Colorado. They say never work with children nor animals, but we had a blast producing this.

Climate Campaign Video

One of a series of four videos created for Conservation Colorado. The Colorado's Climate Future campaign was created to lobby state legislative action to make more climate-friendly policy. An emphasis was placed on using drone footage as a story-telling device.

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