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Snow Day Motivation

I feel like these snow days used to be an annual winter/spring event, but it's been a while since we had a good old-fashion big snow event in Denver. I was personally glad to see it.

My gardens could use the moisture and maybe slow down the already-started spring sprouting. My bulbs have grown 8-10 inches high, I've harvested chives from my herb table, and many of my perennials are stretching and waking up from their winter slumber.

A medley of pictures of tulips in front of a snowy yard.

So I was contently working away in my office as the big flakes fell...

And then the power went out!

... right when I was finishing up editing some client photos. I was in the zone and not to be deterred. So I packed up the dog, the computer and went elsewhere to squeeze a few more hours in.

Two dogs nap while a laptop computer is open on a lap.
Keeping the noise down while sharing a coworking space.

Somehow that mojo evaporated on the commute. I felt rudderless when I started up again. Did I want to tackle this task first or this other one? Which was most urgent? So I referred to my trusty list:

Now I know there are many other apps out there that are designed to make us productive and keep us on task. But I like my old-fashion Notes App to make a simple checklist. I know it, it's unassuming, I can easily navigate it and find it on my laptop or my phone, and I get a small feeling of satisfaction whenever I can check one of those tasks off.

Besides I feel my mental user list is already at capacity on the number of apps I have to be adroit with. I don't have the bandwidth nor the desire to invest the time needed to get proficient in another:

Ryan's Creative & Editing Program Suite

• Final Cut Pro

• DaVinci Resolve

• Premiere Pro

• Motion 5

• Photoshop

• Pixelmator Pro

• Capture One

• Fusion

• Garage Band

• InDesign

• Curve

• Gyroflow

But am I mistaken? Should I forsake my trusty Notes app for something flashier and intuitive? Is there some magic app out there that I am missing out on? What app can you note live without?

I feel sometimes it is better for me to simplify. Clear out the clutter, take a stuff back, contemplate. The more I strip away this distraction or the other, I find renewed focus and personally more peace.

I find that also to be the case with some storytelling projects. Remember the focus; it's all about the human element. Uncover the essence of the story, connect with the emotion. Everything else will fall into its place.

Just some musings on a snow day.

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1 Comment

Jill McGranahan
Jill McGranahan
Mar 18

I'm a Notes person myself.

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