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Make Live Streaming Part of Your Communication Plan

Live streaming isn't just for B2B marketing but also an effective way to have a dynamic conversation with your employees.

Nathaniel Rateliff presents during an awards ceremony for the State of Colorado.
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Live video services

We all are cautiously optimistic. Will 2022 finally be the year we get back to some semblance of normalcy in our lives, both personally and professionally?

As a result of the pandemic there are new business habits that we all adopted and that are here to stay. One of those is virtual meetings and conferences.

Even as many companies begin laying out their “return to the office” strategies, most of them plan on sticking with totally virtual environments for some or most of their employees. Even more plan on adopting a hybrid approach to work.

So isn’t it time to up your virtual meeting services beyond glitchy Zoom meetings?

According to New York Magazine, 67% of viewers say quality is the most important factor when watching a livestream.

We live in an ever-increasingly visual world. The average person watches 100 minutes of video daily. The amount of time you have to grab somebody’s attention and keep it keeps shrinking. Video is the quickest way to make an impact, and convey a complicated message in a short period of time.

Why spend the money on a professional presentation?

We all have been in Zoom meetings with multiple people. We go in with the best intention to pay attention and not get distracted. But as more people log in and appear on the “Brady Bunch” grid interface, the audio begins to get out of sync from the video. The video quality deteriorates because of bandwidth issues, and the audience’s interest lags. Minds begin to wander, smartphones are checked, and the host has lost their audience.

Instead, by hiring a production company, your presentation can be equipped with professional cameras, professional audio mixing, and a group of knowledgeable producers who will make sure you look and sound your best. You will have a group to troubleshoot any technical issues, and a director to cut between cameras, live animations and graphics.

You can even have a moderator taking questions or comments via online chat. It is a night and day difference to just opening up a video service on your laptop and hoping for the best.

Also a professional livestream you have complete control on the messaging and the presentation. You can’t achieve that to the same degree with standard video conferencing.

Why a live town hall instead of just posting an email?

Recent business surveys have found employees feel more engaged when video streaming is a part of an internal communication strategy. A well-produced video presentation conveys more information in a more interesting manner than a lengthy email.

You can promote and better track who has participated in the livestream compared to a static email sitting in an inbox. And for those who couldn't attend, it can be recorded for viewing at a later time.

If you have multiple locations, or if you have only part of your workforce back, you can still hold meetings that are accessible to everybody. And if you choose, you can allow feedback from your audience, no matter if they are in the same building or if they are watching from their home office.

Have multiple presenters in different locations? We have you covered. We can come to you, or your group of presenters can come to our filming location with multiple sets to present from.

Reach out for a quote on a professional live streaming package that will match your needs.

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